I write.

I specialize in creative non-fiction and story-telling.

Thorough research and meticulous editing produced this science article on the goings-on between the consumption and the wear-off of the most popular recreational drug, cannabis: Going Green: The Consumption and Inner-Workings of Cannabis

Originally written for Science and Writing in the University of Toronto.

A historical article utilizing a personal interview with a living witness of the horrors of the Japanese occupation in the Philippines during the Second World War, Mararia! tells the story of how 4 little girls and their mother drove Japanese soldiers out of their home.
Originally written for the History and Writing course in the University of Toronto.

A collection of short stories recounting my childhood in and my return to the Philippines, Opening the Lampshade examines the discrepancy between reality and interpretation, right and wrong, to a child.
Stories originally written for various University of Toronto professional writing courses, including Community and Writing and Expressive Writing.

I blog.

Content is king, and blogs are the perfect platform for content.

I chronicle the tales of my relationship with a man who suffered from the inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis. He Has UC is a free WordPress blog. “Boyfriend first. Fights & UC second” and “UR IN LUCK: When nature calls on a nature walk” were two of the most popular and well-received articles from He Has UC.
Originally created for Writing in Web 2.0 at the University of Toronto.

I lent my time and writing skills to the founding team of the Digital Enterprise Management Society at the University of Toronto as a content creator. “How to Effectively Build Connections at Networking Events” is drawn from the DEM Society’s weblog.

Although on a hiatus from my position with the company, I also contribute to the blog at EmployeeSurveyToolkit.com. A sample of my work: “Embrace Emerging Technologies in the Workplace“.


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