First Time, Morning Magic, Three Tiny Prayers & a Princess 2011



Along with editing my own book, I also edited Kleine Achiles’s The First Time (acknowledgement shot on first image), Novy Warouw’s Morning Magic (chapter shot on second image), and Evangeline Torres Sled’s Three Tiny Prayers and a Princess (acknowledgement shot on the third image).

I still don’t know what our editing group name actually was. Eve suggested “Shock the Monkeys”, Kleine said something to do with “Perserverance”, so I concluded diplomatically that our editing group name was “Shocking Monkeys with Perseverance”.

We met every Tuesday, hours before our class. Our editing process went like this: an author carefully reads her chapter, the team follows with their ears and jots down notes, the author finishes readings, and we each give our strengths before we move on to opportunities for edits.

I like to think back on those Tuesday mornings as the one evidence that four talented, strong-willed and determined women can get together productively without clawing at each other. Although I did take a pillow to the head once. 

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