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The Riz – Sharing the Dream

The Riz: Harvesting the soil’s riches. The Riz: Anihin ang kayamanan ng lupa. Sharing the Dream. I could write a 1,000-page book about this – hard bound, post-consumer paper, the works. If you recorded me during one of my long-winded, hyperactive soliloquys about the future of rice in the Philippines, about what steps I need […]

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Magazine Spread Attempt

An attempt at a magazine spread by Jodelle Faye De Jesus titled Humans of Hyde Park

I was trying to create something magazine-like for work for an upcoming event that we’re hosting, but couldn’t figure out how to design the layout. As is usually the case with me, the stress and frustration converted into panicked energy which I then had to channel into something creative and that would allow me to […]

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“How Gardens Help Us Grow” Info-Poster Drafts

These are the first design concepts for an info-poster — one more obviously fleshed out than the other — that I’ve created to complement the Ecosource-led study of “How Gardens Help Us Grow” in a visually interesting way. I used Adobe Illustrator to create everything, minus a few PNG images I found floating around Google […]

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Spring Open House Invitation

Using Adobe Illustrator, I created this simple double page invitation, sized at half-letter paper using the brand guidelines of the organization. This invitation (valid and open to those interested) is for the Ecosource Spring Open House happening on April 29th. The photos depicting the building from different angles were taken using my Nokie Lumia 920 […]

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#EcoBuzz2014 Conference Guide

Created for the EcoBuzz Conference, the 2014 Conference Guide contains all the information about workshops, presenters, exhibitors, and many more. All graphics, aside from official logos (and other obviously copyrighted materials), within this hand guide was created by me using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. View the complete PDF version here: EcoBuzz Hand Guide. Unfortunately, although […]

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