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Continuing My Education: Zeroing in on Sustainable, Local Food

My cold-resilient kale sitting in my repurposed bookshelf-turned-raised bed in the snow.

I’m ringing in the new year by registering for my first course in the Sustainable Local Food Certificate Program offered at Seneca College! I’ve taken independent courses in continuing education programs before; let me tell you why this one’s so exciting to me. Like many 19/20 year olds who face the pressure of picking a […]

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Ecosource Connects: 2nd Attempt at Kinetic Typography

In December 2013, Ecosource received the final answer from Mountain Equipment Co-Op about granting an administrative project: a big, fat YES! Although my official title at Ecosource is “Communications and Administrative Assistant”, the Ecosource Connects project provided me the opportunity to rise to the occasion and surpass not just my supervisor’s (Ecosource’s executive director) expectations […]

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First Attempt at Kinetic Typography

What a mess! This is the roughest kinetic typography draft ever. Please pardon the mess you see below. Last night at 10 PM, while waiting for my partner to call and for sleep to tug at my eyelids, I decided to open my Adobe After Effects software for the first time. I had heard from […]

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The Riz – Sharing the Dream

The Riz: Harvesting the soil’s riches. The Riz: Anihin ang kayamanan ng lupa. Sharing the Dream. I could write a 1,000-page book about this – hard bound, post-consumer paper, the works. If you recorded me during one of my long-winded, hyperactive soliloquys about the future of rice in the Philippines, about what steps I need […]

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Magazine Spread Attempt

An attempt at a magazine spread by Jodelle Faye De Jesus titled Humans of Hyde Park

I was trying to create something magazine-like for work for an upcoming event that we’re hosting, but couldn’t figure out how to design the layout. As is usually the case with me, the stress and frustration converted into panicked energy which I then had to channel into something creative and writer-y. The result: a magazine […]

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