Samples: Print Marketing Collateral

Below are samples of my work designing and printing print marketing collateral.

A non-profit organization’s main and primary communication material is the annual report. It illustrates the numbers reached by an organization and tells the story that numbers can’t. It validates the organization’s existence and, ultimately, its rightful claim to government and private pockets.

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Beyond the annual report, event flyers and program posters, documents like the very targeted booklet below demonstrates the work of Ecosource across Mississauga. This particular booklet highlights the environmental programs’ reach in Ward 9 of Mississauga, with statistics clearly laid out for the reader (e.g. local politicians, Ward 9 citizens, school board trustees overlooking this area).


From brochures to posters to vinyl banners, my eye for design, creativity, and technical know-how of Adobe Creative Suite let me produce visually compelling and informative materials.

Get in touch if you’d like to see these and other pieces in person! Thank you.


Growing Peel’s environmental leaders!

In a series of quick approvals and tight timelines, Ecosource and Peel Environmental Youth Alliance (PEYA)’s Earth Month campaign came to be. Ecosource’s first attempt at a completely digital fundraising campaign utilizing the online power of the youth network, we used a new online platform,; produced the video below (by yours truly); and asked for the assistance of PEYA’s executive team members and supporters to drive the campaign and raise funds.

Though unable to reach its goal of $2,500, the campaign succeeded in:

  1. reaching new people to add to Ecosource’s list of donors
  2. foraying into the new wild world of social campaigning
  3. teaching me opportunities for improvement and where and when to take risks.

Holiday Fundraising Drive E-mail Sample

December xx, 201x

Dear Joe,

Did you know that for every $1 donation, we can distribute food for 3 meals or 75 meals just from $25?

On behalf of the neighbours that you feed through your valuable and wide-reaching gift of a few bills to This Food Bank, thank you.

We hope that you celebrate the season over hearty meals with loved ones and that you spare a moment to celebrate what charity can achieve: more families enjoying holiday dinners thanks to the generosity of neighbours, co-workers, and friends like you.

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Ball of Energy at Rest


One of the duck crossing sign for one of the paths that ducks crossed at the Uxbridge Manor and Spa.

Last year in August, I took my first trip alone ever. I stayed two nights and three days in the “Majestic Room” at Uxbridge Manor and Spa, a charming and friendly breakfast and bed with two medium-sized ponds on the large property around which several families of ducks and an impressive pair of exotic birds with shiny feathers lived – along with two cute puppies! I drove to Uxbridge with my partner since I was still a novice driver and this would have been the farthest distance I’ve traveled.

My room was furnished with a king-sized bed and a large flat-screen television mounted on the wall. An electric fireplace warmed me while crackling quietly at night. After instilling enough envy in my partner over my gorgeous room and after an afternoon out in the adorable downtown core of Uxbridge, I drove him to the nearest Go station so he could go home.


Classy plate setting for my waffle breakfast at the Uxbridge Manor and Spa.

Each morning, I ate delicious breakfastthick, fluffy waffles topped with berries and whipped cream on the first morning and scones served with five different fruit jams the next paired with yogurt parfait and coffee. Each night, I made a deliberate effort to enjoy a warm bubble bath in the sunken Roman tub in my en-suite bathroom. What a perfect way to start and end days in the small, quaint town surrounded by breathtaking nature.

On the second evening, I enjoyed a half hour massage from the manor’s owner and masseuse; I felt so relaxed! On my last day, I endeavored to sit on every bench available on the property while reading a book. There were too many comfortable, shaded seats around the place for me to sit on!

I had a great time. But before the breakfasts and spa massage and bubble baths, I was crying on my drive back to Uxbridge from the Go station where I dropped off my partner. Not because I  missed him or because I was upset over anything in particular, but because I was scared to be alone.

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Continuing My Education: Zeroing in on Sustainable, Local Food

My cold-resilient kale sitting in my repurposed bookshelf-turned-raised bed in the snow.

I’m ringing in the new year by registering for my first course in the Sustainable Local Food Certificate Program offered at Seneca College!

I’ve taken independent courses in continuing education programs before; let me tell you why this one’s so exciting to me.

Like many 19/20 year olds who face the pressure of picking a career and, ultimately, what they want the rest of their lives to look like at the tender age of, well, 19 or 20, I changed gears twice.

Now I have a clearer vision of where I want to be, and enrolling in the Sustainable Local Food Certificate Program marks my outlining in ink what I previously drafted in pencil. Read More