Website Wireframe Mockup

When your business is an e-commerce business, your product evolves from meaning just the tangible item that gets shipped to a customer, to including the website from which the customer orders the item in the first place.

A well-designed website relies on information elegantly organized and beautifully presented. Below is a wireframe mockup I created for a brand I worked on when we set out to develop a new website. With the counsel of our SEO specialist, I created the information architecture that would layout information and product selection in a thoughtfully organized way – customer-centric, informative, and aesthetically pleasing.

Click the image below to open the PDF of the wireframe. (All allusions to brand have been removed.)

Chopped Leaf’s Turn Over a New Leaf Challenge

Chopped Leaf – Turn Over a New Leaf

Chopped Leaf’s first ever brand campaign in January 2017 was first conceived in a hotel board room at our marketing team’s offsite strategy meeting. We needed a cost-effective campaign that will position the brand as the go-to for healthy dining.

The timing was decided on seasonality: the start of the year historically saw a rise in interest in clean eating / healthy living / fitness.
Needing a less campaign that was supported by in-store materials (but which would not disrupt the natural flow of in-store interactions) naturally led us to design this as a social media campaign. The design of it being a daily challenge came from statistics that majority of people working toward a New Year’s resolution (surrounding fitness and health) would “fall off” by the middle of the month, and most people would have stopped altogether by February.

With the big pictures slotted in by the whole marketing team as headed by our fearless Marketing VP, I was left to develop the idea further.

I put together a plan that aimed to grow our social media engagement and  following, and that positioned us as a go-to for healthy eats. The campaign used an integrated, multi-channel approach:

  • a webpage detailing rules and regulations, as well as the prize information
  • influencers participating in the challenge and thereby advertising it on their platforms to their audience
    • Influencers are selected based on their personal brand values of healthy, responsible living / their reach as “foodies”
  • organic posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, boosted
  • email marketing to loyalty program members
  • in-store materials such as tent cards and posters, as well as cheat sheets for staff of the rules and terms
  • encouraging franchise partners and their teams to participate (i.e. share to their own networks)

The campaign saw hundreds of entries, thousands of engagement across social channels, and an increase in traffic to the Chopped Leaf website as well as a marginal increase during a historically slower time of the year to Chopped Leaf locations.

Yesterday, I fell. A year in recap.

There’s still a month left to 2017, but a period isn’t strictly book-ended by dates. The year isn’t finished yet, but yesterday, I fell, and today I felt its impact. I think it’s worth sharing.

Yep – a little wordplay for you for a cheesy segue into life lessons learned this year by yours truly.

Yesterday, I went indoor bouldering again after a few years since the last time I climbed. Bouldering is a type of rock climbing on large (artificial, in this case) boulders without the use of harnesses or ropes. Bouldering follows a grading system: in the case of Aspire Climbing in Milton, ON, similarly colored “rocks” were marked with white tape to dictate that it was of the easiest level; and then yellow; and then blue; and so on. I cleared the white-marked courses fast enough.

Hopping from one foothold to another, feeling the muscles in my arms tighten, shifting my weight – I felt good. I felt empowered. I felt capable, and challenged.

“I felt good. I felt empowered. I felt capable, and challenged.”

Onto yellow. I cleared two yellow courses with difficulty and a lot of break time in between. I semi-completed the third.

My energy was fast depleting, but I wanted to clear another yellow set before stopping for the night. I eyed a course of blue rocks marked with yellow tape on the wall. I climbed. I jumped down 3/4 of the way up, short of two moves from clearing the course.

After resting, I stood on the deeply padded floor, looking up at the 16-foot tall wall. I planned how to navigate up the wall. I exhaled, and climbed.

The bottom half was fun and easy enough, but it was still challenging.

The latter half of it was difficult because of a 2-meter convex column on the wall, which pushes your body away from the wall while you tiptoe on a 2-inch foothold and reached for the last two grips. I was determined to complete the course, but I was terrified of falling.

I feared my arms would give up. I feared my knees would buckle under my weight. I feared that I would scrape the whole front of my body on the jagged grips. I feared others would see me fall, and laugh.

“I was determined… but I was terrified of falling.”

I reminded myself that the floor was padded, but the fear of falling from that height doesn’t listen to reason.

I was one move away from completing the course.

In the couple of seconds before my fall, several things happened at once: I could imagine and felt the energy in my arms drain from my wrists down to my elbows. My right arm shook. My right knee, which supported most of my weight, shook. My left hand desperately clambered at the black, downward grip. I watched my left fingers falter on the artificial rock. I felt a pang of pride; I was so close to the top.

Then, I accepted my fate. Read More

Samples: Print Marketing Collateral

Below are samples of my work designing and printing print marketing collateral.

A non-profit organization’s main and primary communication material is the annual report. It illustrates the numbers reached by an organization and tells the story that numbers can’t. It validates the organization’s existence and, ultimately, its rightful claim to government and private pockets.

WP_20151122_16_43_46_Pro_correct WP_20151122_16_44_06_Pro_correct


Beyond the annual report, event flyers and program posters, documents like the very targeted booklet below demonstrates the work of Ecosource across Mississauga. This particular booklet highlights the environmental programs’ reach in Ward 9 of Mississauga, with statistics clearly laid out for the reader (e.g. local politicians, Ward 9 citizens, school board trustees overlooking this area).


From brochures to posters to vinyl banners, my eye for design, creativity, and technical know-how of Adobe Creative Suite allow me to produce visually compelling and informative materials.

Growing Peel’s environmental leaders!

In a series of quick approvals and tight timelines, Ecosource and Peel Environmental Youth Alliance (PEYA)’s Earth Month campaign came together. Ecosource’s first attempt at a completely digital fundraising campaign utilizing the power of its youth network, we used a new online platform,; produced the video below (by yours truly); and, with the assistance of PEYA’s executive team members and supporters, drive the campaign to raise funds for youth environmental action.

Though unable to reach its goal of $2,500, the campaign succeeded in:

  1. reaching new people to add to Ecosource’s list of donors
  2. foraying into the new wild world of social campaigning
  3. teaching me opportunities for improvement and where and when to take risks.

The video below was created using Adobe After Effects.