TURN OVER A NEW LEAF, an integrated campaign

social media, strategy

Challenge yourself to a better you by adopting new, good habits – whether that means eating better, getting more exercise, making more time for yourself, or another better-for-you goal. Throughout January, Chopped Leaf will share daily tips and motivation to help you keep to your resolution.

These daily posts will be published on our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram profiles, so follow us! See the calendar below to know which profile we will use on which day.

Every day, we will give away a $15 gift card when you respond to our posts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

At the end of the month, we want to hear from you about the positive changes you’ve made in your life or how Chopped Leaf has helped you.  Share your story in a comment below or in an email to 31days@choppedleaf.ca before Friday, February 3rd and you can get a chance to win a grand prize.

One lucky participant will receive our grand prize (value $2,500) of: 1) a $1,000 gift card to Chopped Leaf; 2) a full-year membership to any GoodLife Fitness locations across Canada; and 3) a spa and well-balanced lifestyle package.

Find the rules and regulations here.

Follow us online to find daily tips, challenges and words of motivation.

January 1 Like us on Facebook (/ChoppedLeaf)
2 Follow us on Twitter (@choppedleaf)
3 Find us on Instagram (@thechoppedleaf)
4 Like us on Facebook (/ChoppedLeaf)
5 Follow us on Twitter (@choppedleaf)
6 Find us on Instagram (@thechoppedleaf)
7 Like us on Facebook (/ChoppedLeaf)
8 Find us on Instagram (@thechoppedleaf)
9 Follow us on Twitter (@choppedleaf)
10 Like us on Facebook (/ChoppedLeaf)
11 Find us on Instagram (@thechoppedleaf)
12 Like us on Facebook (/ChoppedLeaf)
13 Find us on Instagram (@thechoppedleaf)
14 Like us on Facebook (/ChoppedLeaf)
15 Find us on Instagram (@thechoppedleaf)
16 Follow us on Twitter (@choppedleaf)
17 Like us on Facebook (/ChoppedLeaf)
18 Find us on Instagram (@thechoppedleaf)
19 Follow us on Twitter (@choppedleaf)
20 Like us on Facebook (/ChoppedLeaf)
21 Find us on Instagram (@thechoppedleaf)
22 Like us on Facebook (/ChoppedLeaf)
23 Follow us on Twitter (@choppedleaf)
24 Find us on Instagram (@thechoppedleaf)
25 Like us on Facebook (/ChoppedLeaf)
26 Find us on Instagram (@thechoppedleaf)
27 Like us on Facebook (/ChoppedLeaf)
28 Follow us on Twitter (@choppedleaf)
29 Follow us on Twitter (@choppedleaf)
30 Find us on Instagram (@thechoppedleaf)
31 Finish the challenge with us on Instagram (@thechoppedleaf), Twitter (@choppedleaf), and Facebook (/ChoppedLeaf)!

The “Turn Over a New Leaf 31 Day Challenge” was a multi-channel campaign for The Chopped Leaf. It engaged the brand’s cross-country audience on three major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter); online communities by a network of influencers who announced and participated in the campaign; loyalty program members through emails; and store visitors through in-store marketing materials. The original webpage can be found here.

Please note that the social media profiles for The Chopped Leaf and Teriyaki Experience have both been revamped as per the new social media strategy in 2019. Most of the content developed prior to the current social media strategy have been removed.

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