ENVIRONMENTAL YOUTH LEADERS, a crowdfunding campaign


We’re students. We’re youth. We’re young leaders in Peel Region!

We are members and alumni of the Peel Environmental Youth Alliance at Ecosource. We’re youth from Peel Region working together to make a difference on local environmental issues like litter, waste, sustainable transportation, urban agriculture, ecosystem stewardship, and much more.

Help us celebrate Earth Month! We need your help to raise $2,500 in support of our summer leadership retreat and fall community activities.

We are the leaders of tomorrow, and we need your help today. We want to do even more.

Help us connect with the right set of skills, resources, and opportunities for positive change to meet the challenges that our planet faces today. From climate change to the endangerment of our local specices’ habitats – we can make a difference with your help!

  • Your support can help us get the materials we need to run successful campaigns, like garbage bags for shoreline cleanups or shovels for planting trees.
  • Your support can also mean sponsoring our Leadership Training Retreat, where industry professionals teach us techniques on how we can strengthen our leadership and management skills and offer us insight into environmental issues.
  • Your support can translate to having a space to hold one of our Monthly Meetings where we learn about and act on important issues like consumerism, food waste, and more.

Your support will benefit the thousands of youth who want to cultivate a healthy community and who will create ripples of change in our planet. Please help us continue to plant more native trees, clean our shorelines, and take action on important issues!

We owe our skills and opportunities to the generosity of people like you. The impact of our work will reflect your care for our community and our youth leaders. You are growing the leaders of tomorrow. Thank you.

Although it only reached 66% of its goal, this campaign was the organization’s first foray into the world of crowdfunding and was my first opportunity to develop an idea into a campaign (albeit within a narrow time frame). The organization learned a lot from this experience, including building in more time to properly prepare and plan. Created a short story video and all graphic assets; designed and coordinated tokens of gratitude for donations; and wrote the fundraising copy above. Find the crowdfunding page here.

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