Chopped Leaf’s Turn Over a New Leaf Challenge

Chopped Leaf – Turn Over a New Leaf

Chopped Leaf’s first ever brand campaign in January 2017 was first conceived in a hotel board room at our marketing team’s offsite strategy meeting. We needed a cost-effective campaign that will position the brand as the go-to for healthy dining.

The timing was decided on seasonality: the start of the year historically saw a rise in interest in clean eating / healthy living / fitness.
Needing a less campaign that was supported by in-store materials (but which would not disrupt the natural flow of in-store interactions) naturally led us to design this as a social media campaign. The design of it being a daily challenge came from statistics that majority of people working toward a New Year’s resolution (surrounding fitness and health) would “fall off” by the middle of the month, and most people would have stopped altogether by February.

With the big pictures slotted in by the whole marketing team as headed by our fearless Marketing VP, I was left to develop the idea further.

I put together a plan that aimed to grow our social media engagement and  following, and that positioned us as a go-to for healthy eats. The campaign used an integrated, multi-channel approach:

  • a webpage detailing rules and regulations, as well as the prize information
  • influencers participating in the challenge and thereby advertising it on their platforms to their audience
    • Influencers are selected based on their personal brand values of healthy, responsible living / their reach as “foodies”
  • organic posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, boosted
  • email marketing to loyalty program members
  • in-store materials such as tent cards and posters, as well as cheat sheets for staff of the rules and terms
  • encouraging franchise partners and their teams to participate (i.e. share to their own networks)

The campaign saw hundreds of entries, thousands of engagement across social channels, and an increase in traffic to the Chopped Leaf website as well as a marginal increase during a historically slower time of the year to Chopped Leaf locations.

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