Holiday Fundraising Drive E-mail Sample

December xx, 201x

Dear Joe,

Did you know that for every $1 donation, we can distribute food for 3 meals or 75 meals just from $25?

On behalf of the neighbours that you feed through your valuable and wide-reaching gift of a few bills to This Food Bank, thank you.

We hope that you celebrate the season over hearty meals with loved ones and that you spare a moment to celebrate what charity can achieve: more families enjoying holiday dinners thanks to the generosity of neighbours, co-workers, and friends like you.

shutterstock_178684052.0Debbie’s is one of those families. They’ve had a rough time: Debbie fled with her two sons to the safety of a City shelter away from a violent husband.

Debbie received food from one of This Food Bank partner agencies. With her family’s sustenance cared for and receiving counseling and support, she rejoined the workforce and moved her family into an apartment unit. With continued help from one of This Food Bank partner agencies, Debbie continues to get food and baby supplies to supplement what her single-mother income can afford.

As 201x nears a close, Debbie and her boys can enjoy family dinners and peacefully look forward to a new year and a fresh start; she’s even thinking of going to back to college!

Sadly, Debbie’s situation is common in our city. But you made a difference in her story.

Let’s end this year and start the next by making a difference in more families’ stories!

The 201x Holiday Food and Fundraising Drive, our most important annual campaign, starts today. Our goals: $300,000 and 225,000 pounds of food by December 31st – that means a whole month’s worth of chances to share your good fortune – big or small – with those who’ve been thrown into hard situations. Remember:

$25 can feed breakfast to 75 children

$50 can provide after-school snacks for 450 teens

$75 can distribute 225 meals to families

Please visit our campaign page and donate today. Let’s work together to end hunger in our city; we cannot do this without your help.  Thank you so much for your support!


John Doe

P.S. The 201x Holiday Food and Fundraising Drive starts today! We need your help to raise $300,000 and 225,000 pounds of food by December 31st so we can feed more hungry children, families, and seniors in our City. If $1 can distribute 3 meals, imagine how many you can help with $25, $50, or whatever you can afford to give. Click here to donate now.


This is a sample fundraising email appeal I wrote for a company, once upon a time. Along with completing two other final “tests”, I demonstrated my skill in writing and my knowledge of fundraising best practices. I was rewarded at the end of three hour-long interviews with the only thing you can hope for after completing three hour-long interviews.

Have I missed any important fundraising appeal principles? Please share!

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