Ecosource Connects: 2nd Attempt at Kinetic Typography

In December 2013, Ecosource received the final answer from Mountain Equipment Co-Op about granting an administrative project: a big, fat YES!

Although my official title at Ecosource is “Communications and Administrative Assistant”, the Ecosource Connects project provided me the opportunity to rise to the occasion and surpass not just my supervisor’s (Ecosource’s executive director) expectations of me, but also to take a more central role in the organization’s operations.

Equipped with researched knowledge and the help of third party IT experts, I researched solutions for our IT needs (e.g. software compatibility, hardware capability, etc.); streamlined the data organization; and orchestrated the move from our 2008 (?) Windows Vista makeshift-server to the Office 365 system. I hosted group training sessions, wrote guides, coached managers and team members during the data migration, and now I’m the one to constantly put out fires as we get used to the online-dependent IT infrastructure.

At the official end of our data migration, I wrote and designed my first ever funding report for Mountain Equipment Co-Op on behalf of Ecosource. Yay!

Then, in less than three days, I created this little beauty of a video. Note: I used an After Effects introduction template created by 99Templates and customized and built on it to create this video. It’s very simple, but I got to try my hand at kinetic typography again and camera work. Yay!

Watch the Ecosource Connects video here for all non-profit organizations looking to move to Office 365 too. Get in touch for details!

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