First Attempt at Kinetic Typography

What a mess! This is the roughest kinetic typography draft ever. Please pardon the mess you see below.

Last night at 10 PM, while waiting for my partner to call and for sleep to tug at my eyelids, I decided to open my Adobe After Effects software for the first time. I had heard from a former classmate in university that kinetic typography was simple enough to do and he learned it from a video tutorial, so I figured looking for some YouTube tutorials and following along couldn’t hurt.

Things I have yet to learn:

  1. How to make the audio file work in the software so I could follow the sound waves and use them as guides for the timing. My MP3 file didn’t work last night and I thought, “Eh, I’ll wing it.” Look at the atrocity that brought me.
  2. How to mark where I want the elements to end, because as you can see here the video goes on for 30 seconds…when the actual content only goes on for several seconds. I tried finding a tutorial or help information for this, but could not find any. Perhaps this is such ridiculously simple information I was supposed to pick it up at the first mention, but I’m air-headed at 10 PM and caught nothing.
  3. How to plan my text better. Everything’s all over the place! Well, to be fair, I’m good at planning things. I neglected to do this last night, as I just wanted to generate something as opposed to something pretty.

If anyone can spare some AE wisdom and experience, that would be greatly appreciated! I’d love to play around some more with this project and return with something that isn’t so painful.


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