Writing Exercise: Sample Press Release

Ilustrado Publishing to Pioneer the Voices of the Enlightened, the Educated

Mississauga, ON, Canada, Sept. 1, 2012 – A recent graduate from the University of Toronto has had enough rejection e-mails and silence from employers, and has decided to establish a two-man army herself to publish the fiction and non-fiction titles of students or recent graduates like herself. Jodelle Faye De Jesus drags along  Rasheed Clarke to head a publishing team, which heretofore will be named “Ilustrado”. Working from their separate homes in the comforts of their bedrooms in Mississauga and Etobicoke, respectively, De Jesus and Clarke will take on the roles of acquisitions and developmental editor, typesetter, designer, copy-editor, proof-reader, marketers, and book sellers. “Ilustrado” means “the educated” or “the enlightened”, and that’s exactly whose writing the duo aims to publish, and whose readership they hope to entice.

With no prejudice against those who do not or cannot pursue post-secondary education, Ilustrado hopes to become a platform for post-secondary students or recent graduates to make their voices heard and have their names printed on the front of book covers next to “Written by”. The co-founders graduated from the Professional Writing program at the University of Toronto where they published their own books, Opening the Lampshade (De Jesus) and Three Tablets Twice Daily (Clarke). Not all who graduate from this program have the opportunity to publish and successfully sell their books. Many who graduate from this program, however, do have amazing stories to tell and have rich educational backgrounds that support diverse ideas.

De Jesus, during one of their regular nightly phone calls, confides in Clarke that, “[her] priority in founding this publishing team is … getting deserving writers the credit and platforms they deserve to be heard.”

This duo does not intend to sell themselves or their future authors short. Clarke replies, “We’ll also earn money for ourselves and pay a percentage to the author.” To echo De Jesus’s reaction: And that’s why Clarke will head the marketing and finances.

An idealist and a realist unite to take on the form of a publishing team to combat the steep and scary slope of unemployment, and to ride the wave of self-publishing. They hope to offset the 17.2% unemployment rate for youth between 15 and 24 (where majority of students and recent graduates stand), small as the royalties may be for their roster of student and graduate authors. As this is a freelance side-project for the two, they hope to generate some side income for themselves and royalties for their roster of student and graduate authors. As for self-publishing – they may not strictly fall under the category of “self”-publishing, but they’re also not affiliating with the big dogs. The independence from publishing corporations is a growing trend, and this duo aims to exploit that.

For more information, keep an eye on jodellefayedejesus.com. To get a glimpse of the co-founders’ own skills in book-making, visit the Facebook page for Three Tablets Twice Daily (Clarke) or the New Publishers’ Series in Life Rattle Press webpage for both Opening the Lampshade (De Jesus) or Three Tablets Twice Daily (Clarke). Follow @ilustrado on Twitter for frequent updates or just to get in touch.

Call for submissions for the first journal will be announced via Twitter and other social media platforms as well as on jodellefayedejesus.com before the end of September. The website, ilustrado.ca, is scheduled to open to the public by the start of October, and the brand launch will be held by the end of the same month.


Jodelle Faye De Jesus, Co-Founder, Publisher




This is my first attempt at writing a press release without the guidance of a professor and outside of classroom walls.  Feedback on the content or the format would be greatly appreciated! I did this because I’m bored… Please tell me if I’m doing it wrong and how to do it better. I followed the guidelines at WebWire.

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