Story Trailer(?): Until Whenever Ends (Video)


It’s the classic tale of best friends fighting over a girl, of career vs. love, of the disadvantages of fame.

I know my biggest mistake in this video, so please don’t point it out. I’m embarrassed enough as it is!

It’s very obvious that I used different girls to represent one girl, but the scenes they acted with the main characters Jiyong (G-Dragon) and Youngbae (Taeyang) matched my storyline perfectly!¬†Perhaps I relied too much on the stereotype of it being hard to tell Asians apart. I’m sorry. I fail as a video maker and as a citizen of the world.

Onto the video: it depicts the second & third instalments to a trilogy I wrote, surrounding a big Korean (can you tell I had a Korean phase?) celebrity, Jiyong, whose backstage romance with a colleague leaks out to the public and rips them apart, pushing the girl to the comforting arms of one Youngbae. It also delves into the psyche of each lover, and portrays the unravelling of emotions and builds to the point of epiphany.

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