Character Profile: Goo Miji (Video)

I’m a bit of a nerd; I spend my leisure time either reading, drawing, writing fiction stories, or, if I have the free trial of the right software, editing videos.

The story in this video. Miji, the pale girl wearing heavy black liner and looking like a total sexy emo, copes with the loss of her beloved. The beloved is played by Epik High’s Tablo, who watches his loved ones from Heaven through a magical, metaphorical book, and sometimes visits Miji – either literally, or imagined by Miji. The black and white segments are flashbacks to the relationship between Tablo and his dun dun dun killer. And the girl in the “book” can be interpreted as Miji or his dun dun dun again killer.

Here’s one I scrounged up using three (or was it four?) Korean music videos to piece together an admittedly not-so-coherent storyline. It’s for a story I began to write but never quite finished. I wanted to title it “The Prince & the Pauper” but was disappointed to find that someone else — ahem Mark Twain — had already used the title for his own story. Normally, that wouldn’t bother me, but I didn’t want to contend with Twain’s genius. I then considered titling the story “Damn You, Mark Twain!” but figured the title will not fit the story and only I will know the title’s back story.

I settled on “Thicker than Blood” for its working title. The story surrounds two young men who grow into fast friends, and whose brotherhood gets tested severely.

The character featured in the video, Goo Miji/Mihi (I still haven’t decided on her name), has the most interesting side story. She suffers the most, and suffers the quietest. She’s the strongest character in my opinion, or at least the obviously stronger female character.


*Original videos used belong to Tei & Epik High. The music, originally Heaven by DJ Sammy, has been replaced by Youtube with Evanescence’s My Immortal.

One Comment on “Character Profile: Goo Miji (Video)

  1. I like the background music! It suits well the scenes with the intense emotions of the characters showing!

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